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Image of the barrueco pond below and the Vostel Museum in the background.

Los Barruecos

Los Barruecos Interpretation Center

Vostell Museum Malpartida

Barrueco de abajo dam

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Los Barruecos was declared a Protected Area under the figure of Natural Monument in 1996 by the Junta de Extremadura. The spectacular landscape combines large granite boulders with sheets of water from four historic reservoirs, some created and others enlarged to serve the Lavadero de Lanas that was built in the late eighteenth century.

The ponds of Barrueco de Abajo, Barrueco de Arriba, Frasco Diez and Molinillo, create an interconnected lake system where the environmental richness and historical uses by man, such as the operation of flour mills, cattle watering places, tench fishing, etc., are found.

Map of Los Barruecos


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Image of the barrueco pond below and the Vostel Museum in the background.

The rocky formations are of great scientific importance, and in a reduced space, one of the largest catalogs of erosion forms on granite is found. Large boulders, whimsical shapes and shelters are created, which are the basis for the shelter and breeding of various species, highlighting the White Stork Colony that settles its large nests on the rocks.

Man also took advantage of these opportunities for refuge and defense, and important settlements have been found since prehistoric times.

The Natural Monument of Los Barruecos has an Interpretation Center, from which you can organize a visit to the different resources and a tour of its trails.

The entrance to the Vostell Malpartida Museum, in the building of the old Laundry of Lanas, is a must.

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